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Monarch Group Corporate Office

La Jolla, CA

4,950 sq. ft. Corporate Office


  • Monarch developed the 14,000 sq. ft. site in Downtown La Jolla to include a pair of 4,150 sq. ft. luxury townhomes which bookend the 4,950 sq. ft. Monarch Corporate Office. The office is encapsulated by a 20-car parking facility.
  • Designed by Alcorn & Benton Architects, the modernist architectural emphasizes quiet clarity of materials and form, and extends throughout (including contrasting materials – e.g. rough, board-formed concrete against polished stone). Other design elements—such as barrel vaults, structural glass mullioned walls, and steel frame sunshades—capitalize on daylight as an architectural element, complemented by a textured landscape of flowers, bamboo, bougainvillea, and ficus.